Bulgaria on a budget

When my husband and I started researching Bulgaria, we were excited about all of the places to see and things to do. We were also delighted at the affordable prices on hotels, rental cars, and attractions. In fact, a lot of fortresses, monasteries, etc. were free to enter. Despite our research, we were shocked at how cheap the costs were once we were on the ground.

We had budgeted $70USD a night for hotels, guesthouses, and apartments on Airbnb.com. The actual cost per night was closer to $40USD. We had budgeted about $60USD per day for food and drinks for both of us; that was a high estimate. Our first few meal portions were so big that we started sharing meals. Instead of each ordering a main dish, we would split a meat dish, add a veggie, and a salad or soup and be completely full at the end. We ended up spending closer to $30USD a day on food and booze. And with bottled beer costing 2-3BGN, we felt like we hit the jackpot. For those who like whiskey (as I do), check out Bulgaria’s Black Ram whiskey. I tend to order it with a Coke. While it’s not served together like a cocktail, they do give a hefty pour of whiskey (50ml is considered the small portion) and a small bottle of Coke. On average, this drink order cost $4BGN; not bad for a good, stiff drink!

Having learned about 100 words of Bulgarian (including words for Bulgarian foods) definitely made the trip more affordable and enjoyable. Reading Cyrillic is difficult, but it helped us feel more comfortable walking into an establishment where an English menu or asking questions in English were not options. Furthermore, 100 words of Bulgarian definitely endeared us to locals more than having no Bulgarian words at our disposal (though I am sure we were embarrassing ourselves constantly).

Bulgaria on a budget

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