Sofia, Bulgaria

We visited Sofia at the end of our time in Bulgaria. We only had two days, which was definitely not enough time for this lovely city. While in Sofia, we took the free walking tour. It was a great way to see the city center and learn about the history.

We also grabbed dinner at Mehana Izbata, another recommendation from both Tripadvisor and locals alike. It was good, hearty Bulgarian cuisine. The options were more varied than other restaurants we had been to, but I didn’t think the flavors were above and beyond our other options. At 40BGN, it was also our most expensive meal so far. I think most of that had to do with city prices and not the restaurant itself. After dinner, we took a short walk to a bar known for its extensive beer list–Halbite Pub. I had read mixed reviews on this pub and didn’t know what we would find when we arrived. We were pleasantly surprised by a low-key bar with food service and an amazing list of international beers. The service was good. The bottled German beers my husband drank were more expensive than the local Bulgarian ones (4.20BGN for Schnieder Aventenis), but it was still a good deal and a need break from the beer monotony.

Sofia, Bulgaria

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