Buses in Mexico

The bus systems in Mexico is a great way to get around the country with safe, affordable, and comfortable service. We found that in the states of Yucatan and Quintana Roo, the colectivos are more organized and better operated than what we have experienced in other Mexican states (namely Chiapas) and other Central American countries (namely, Guatemala and Nicaragua). For instance, the colectivo we took from Playa Del Carmen to the Cancun bus station cost $34 MXN per person, then an ADO bus from the Cancun bus station to the airport (which leaves every 15 minutes) for $64 MXN per person. There were group shuttles from Playa Del Carmen direct to the Cancun airport cost around $20 USD per person.

In Playa Del Carmen, the colectivos gather near the park at 20 Avenida Notre and 2 Calle Norte. They don’t leave until they are full but this happens quickly. Also, the drivers had uniforms which, in my opinion, makes them seem more legitimate. But with this legitimacy comes higher prices. For example, when in Bacalar, we went to the bus station to ask about times and prices for getting to Mahahual. The Mayab bus cost would have cost $74 MXN each way with only two buses leaving every day whereas a colectivo driver said that the ride on his bus (which comes about every hour) would cost $70 MXN.

We took buses from ADO stations in both states and were very happy with the service, the condition of the buses, and the prices. When we looked at the ADO schedule online, only ADO buses are shown. But there are actually four bus companies that work out of the ADO stations we visited; ADO, Caribe, Mayab, and Oriente. Sometimes, we found that there were more buses running than what was listed on ADO’s website, sometimes not. We made a habit of going to the station and asking to see the timetable on the ticket agent’s computer. While this does not help to plan ahead of time, it was helpful when planning our next move.

Buses in Mexico

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