Feldkirch, Austria, the hidden gem

My husband, who is an avid runner, decided that on this trip to Austria, he wanted to make a stopover in Lichtenstein so that he could run across this tiny country. So we made the trip by bus from Bregenz to the Austrian border town of Schaanwald Zollamt. This is where Kyle hopped off to start his 6-mile run (I stayed on the bus then tranferred to another bus in Schaan and headed to Vaduz where we would meet later). Kyle made the run from Schaanwald to Buschs, the Switzerland border town. Along the way, he found goats, and a river path, and churches.
On our way back to Bregenz, we stopped in the town of Feldkirch for lunch. What we found was a quaint little town with great restaurants and shops and amazing views of the river and mountains. We had not heard or read much about this town but now that we have seen it, we will tell the world. Feldkirch was a wonderful find. 
Feldkirch, Austria, the hidden gem

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